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Pools – click here for content

Spring Pool Start Ups – remove winter plugs from the inlets and skimmer. Add the needed chemicals. Get the pump and other equipment running correctly. Install the pool lights, ladders and basket.

Pool Winterization – Blow all the plumbing lines out, install water plugs where applicable, disconnect equipment, add water antifreeze and chemicals.

– We build complete custom pools
– Replace pool liners as well as patch liners too
– Pressure test the pool plumbing lines
– Repair and replace plumbing
– Replace pool skimmers
– Replace or repair pool jets
– Repair or replace pool pumps
– Clean the pump impellers
– Change sand in sand filters
– Replace Coping
– Full and Complete Pool Inspections

Pool show and tell information for new pool owners. Check pool liner, check and explain all the equipment, go over correct pool chemicals, go through a quick pool mainenance how too, take and test water sample through a computer water analysis.


Spas – click here for content

Spa Installation & Startup – We can also do Quick Winter Drains and Refills. We will have you Hot tub drained and refilled within an hour so your tub doesn’t have time to freeze on you.

Spa Yearly Maintenance – check seals for leaks, check the pump and pump seals for cracks and leaks, check heating, corrosion check, water sample which we run though a computer water analysis.

– Repair All Makes and Models
– Repair plumbing
– Repair or replace spa packs
– Replace Jets
– Repair Pumps and Seals
– Repair or adjust Pressure Switches
– Replace Heat Elements or Probes
– Spa moving from one location to another
– Full Quality Inspections

Show and Tell information for new hot tub owners. We cover all the areas of operation needs for hot tubs; Filling the tub, explanation of chemicals and also how to take and test water samples.